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NSS Labs was an independent analysis and testing company recognized for its fact-based cybersecurity guidance.

Based in Austin, Texas, the company tested security products protecting networks, data centers and endpoints for security effectiveness, evasions, performance, stability and usability.

NSS Labs ceased operations on October 15, 2020. has since reached an agreement with the custodians of NSS Labs to acquire the assets of their library. This website is home to test reports and research published from 2013 – 2020. is providing library access at no charge.

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The NSS Labs research team analyzed security product vendors, enterprise needs and technology trends providing consumers a more comprehensive view of security products. This research is available in the Library.



The NSS Labs testing organization used proprietary tools and threat researchers to provide “deep dives” into a security product’s capabilities. Test reports and comparative technology reports can be found in the Library.

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Following a group test publication, there would occasionally be further analysis of a tested technology.  Blogs relating to published tests and market analysis can be found in the Industry Insights section below.

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