From 2007 – 2020, NSS Labs was an independent analysis and testing company recognized globally for its fact-based cybersecurity guidance. NSS Labs captured live threats, then validated and tested those threats against the world’s security products.

The cybersecurity analyst firm combined industry analysis of products, market needs and trends with threat research and hands-on testing to measure security effectiveness, evasions, performance, stability and usability. A variety of services were provided including:

  • Testing new product releases to verify functionality and identify problems before consumers were impacted.
  • Performing group tests of a technology category to inform consumers about product(s) strengths and weaknesses already in market.
  • Custom testing for enterprises to assist in product selection based on organizational needs.
  • Product assessments for security product vendors to better inform the market on capabilities.
  • Analyst services to discuss the implications of existing research, provide strategic advice, and perform custom research.
  • Subscription services providing access to research and test publications.

NSS Labs ceased operations on October 15, 2020. CyberRatings.org has since reached an agreement with the custodians of NSS Labs to acquire the assets of their library consisting of test reports, comparative reports and analyst briefs. This website is hosting documents published from 2013 – 2020.

The contents of this website are provided for free by CyberRatings.org as a service to the community. For more information, please contact info@cyberratings.org.