Technologies Tested

Test Reports and Methodologies

NSS Labs was known for testing cybersecurity products. NSS used live victim machines that emulated real-human interactions, captured live threats – exploit and malware techniques used by threat actors to bypass security technologies – and then tested those threats against the world’s security products. Test results were published in the form of test reports for a specific security vendor and comparative reports for a selected technology.

A separate team of threat researchers and analysts provided additional commentary to test scores that were either included in the test reports themselves or in separate analyst briefs. 

The library archive holds test reports and methodologies from 2016 – 2020.  In addition, analyst briefs were published on a variety of topics between 2013 and 2020. is making these reports and briefs available for free in exchange for your registration to the website.

The most recent versions of tested technologies can be found through the links below: