NSS Labs is excited to share the results of our latest next generation firewall (NGFW) group test. Twelve vendors brought a total of thirteen products to the test, which were tested against the most robust NGFW test methodology to date (v6.0). In addition to the testing that we’ve conducted for years, such as performance and security and reliability, we have for the first time included live testing in an NSS group test with the integration of our Cyber Advanced Warning System (CAWS) portal and BaitNET, NSS’ unique live test harness. This will provide enterprises with critical new data with which to measure how test participants performed against active threat campaigns and exploits during the test as well as how they will perform in the future.

CAWS tests the block rate of security products in real time and provides actionable information to security professionals. Using the CAWS portal, enterprises can view the ongoing security efficacy of each NGFW product under various deployment profiles, ranging from common services (Base) to complete enablement (Advanced). Security effectiveness can vary by profile, depending on whether or not the vendor provides value-added security services.

Over the course of 2016, we will be providing periodic updates to the live results portion of the test. Security actors never rest, neither do their products; the question is, can you be confident that the products you currently have deployed are working, so you can rest? The difference between effective protection and a potential security incident could be just one signature or patch away.

When it comes to security, timing is everything.