NSS Labs published its first breach detection product group test results in 2013. Since then, the market has matured rapidly and grown accordingly. We estimate that the breach detection system (BDS) market surpassed $1B last year. The deployment of BDS is now considered a best practice, with products often being used to scan all ports and protocols for suspect files. The success of these products and their utility within broader security architectures have created interesting dynamics for the market, however.

BDS may well evolve into a standard feature of more traditional security controls both at the perimeter and the endpoint. Files can be pushed to cloud-based sandbox and emulation tools, allowing the results of dynamic file analysis to be shared quickly and broadly. Integration of these detection techniques into existing controls will reduce some of the inhibitors to broader market adoption of stand-alone BDS.

In the shorter term, we expect the BDS market to maintain healthy growth. And while FireEye remains the clear market leader from a revenue perspective, the competitive landscape will continue to evolve and sharpen as vendors invest heavily in further product development and marketing.

For a deeper dive into where NSS sees the BDS market headed over the next several years, download our latest BDS Market Analysis. NSS also plans to publish a full set of BDS group test reports and a new BDS Product Selection Guide, which will help enterprises better align BDS products with their particular needs. Together, these reports give one of the deepest and most comprehensive views of this fast-growing market and its players.