In NSS Labs’ SD-WAN 2.0 testing, our graphical model represents the devices that were tested in our lab environment. Every vendor in the Network Value Map is represented based on both performance and costs of the solution submitted to satisfy the requirements in the methodology. In this test, VMware submitted its Edge 2000 devices, which were both tested and modeled with 1Gb licensing in the NVM; however, VMware believes that the 540 series is a better fit for the use case as depicted. NSS is committed to providing enterprises with actionable, accurate data and we will be looking forward to validating the 540 series capabilities and publishing a follow-on report supporting this recommendation by VMware.

In June 2019, NSS published the results of our SD-WAN v2.0 Group Test. This test included 8 vendors and was the most comprehensive SD-WAN test to date. Test reports are available in our Research Library.