AUSTIN, Texas – October 21, 2014 – NSS Labs today announced the creation of a testing business unit and a realignment of the management team to support the company’s rapid growth.

  • Bill De Lauro has been promoted from Vice President Operations to General Manager and Senior Vice President of Operations, Testing, & Services. He now has responsibilities for overall company operations as well as the new testing business unit.
  • Mike Spanbauer has been promoted from Managing Director of Research to Vice President of Research and is responsible for running the Research organization including setting the research agenda, managing client outreach and analyst inquiries.
  • NSS Founder Bob Walder has been named Chief Technology Officer, and has assumed responsibility for the company’s new Cyber Resiliency Center SaaS products to be launched in 2015.

For the past year, De Lauro has been overseeing NSS technical operations and the testing laboratory. He is now responsible for overall company operations as NSS testing of cyber security products expands to support new enterprise SaaS offerings. Much of De Lauro’s extensive experience is in managing business and technical operations for companies such as Borg Warner Security, Loomis – Securitas, Coremetrics and IBM.

Spanbauer, a recognized leader in security and infrastructure technologies, will be taking a larger role with enterprise clients in advising how best to address today’s cyber security threats. He will take overall responsibility for leading the analyst team and setting the research direction of the company, including the creation of new research products such as the recently announced NSS Invest offering. Prior to NSS, he was at Current Analysis, managing the Business Technology and Software group, and at Hewlett-Packard where he established and managed competitive intelligence programs.

As Founder of NSS, Walder is renowned for his dedication to advancing cyber protection technologies through the creation of advanced testing methodologies and a world-beating security research and testing facility. Over the past year, Walder has been guiding the company’s Cyber Resiliency SaaS product line development. As Chief Technology Officer, Walder will lead overall product strategy and vision for NSS.

“Today’s announcement signals the next chapter of the company’s evolution,” said Vikram Phatak, CEO of NSS. “The delivery of the company’s testing, research, and SaaS offerings are now directly linked to customers. With all business functions aligned we are poised to achieve continued rapid growth over the next few years.”