World’s First Cyber Advanced Warning System™ enables clients to focus only on the threats that target their unique environment.

AUSTIN, Texas – August 6, 2014 − NSS Labs today announces its new NSS Cyber Resiliency Center (CRC), which provides a suite of services to help enterprises to manage their cyber risk. This first-of-its-kind SaaS offering enables CIOs and CISOs to continually evaluate their security posture, identify which threats target their applications and bypass their security controls, as well as plan and model responses.

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The NSS Cyber Resiliency Center includes the following services:

  • NSS Advanced Warning System is the first cyber risk management platform to provide enterprises with real-time alerts based on attacks that target applications within an organization and bypass specific security products deployed within their networks. Backed by threat and security performance data from NSS’ extensive, ongoing testing of the world’s leading security products and proprietary BaitNET system, the NSS Advanced Warning System enables enterprises to focus resources against threats that pose the most danger.
  • NSS InSight empowers enterprises to run “what if?” scenarios that model their deployed security layers, show which threats are able to exploit their attack surface, and then virtually “swap out” different security products and/or desktop applications to assess which technologies best suit their varying risk tolerance and cost constraints. This capability dramatically improves security decision-making by providing empirical data that CIOs, CISOs – and even CFOs – can use to align resources and rationalize security spending and priorities.
  • NSS Research & Testing offers the security industry’s most comprehensive library of independent test results for leading security products as well as in-depth vendor, product and market research.

These new services will enable enterprises to:

  • Easily see which threats pose the most danger: Because NSS tests the world’s security products, only NSS has the empirical data to know which threats will bypass security products from a wide variety of vendors. The NSS Cyber Resiliency Center allows clients to build a profile of their specific attack surface and then actively monitor which incoming threats are both targeting their deployed applications and can bypass the security systems currently in place.
  • Better align security resources and focus on the most relevant threats: Unlike traditional research firms that rely on qualitative research, NSS’ recommendations are backed with unmatched, extensive hands-on testing, giving NSS Cyber Resiliency Center subscribers a unique perspective on future market trends and the current competitive landscape.

Commentary: NSS Labs Chief Executive Officer Vikram Phatak

“The NSS Cyber Resiliency Center is the first platform to provide enterprises with two key pieces of information: which systems and applications are being targeted by the adversary, and which of those attacks bypass my current security? Knowing the answers to those questions empowers an organization to plan and respond,” said Vikram Phatak, Chief Executive Officer at NSS Labs. “Proactively understanding the capabilities of the adversary, understanding how breaches occur, and having a strong cyber resiliency program enables organizations to manage cyber risk in a way that has never before been possible.”