AUSTIN, Texas – February 15, 2017 – NSS Labs, the global leader in operationalizing cybersecurity, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Exodus Intelligence, LLC which will enhance NSS Labs’ exploit testing capabilities. Exodus Intelligence, a cybersecurity industry leader in vulnerability intelligence capabilities, provided exploits for the recent NSS Labs’ Advanced Endpoint Protection Test (AEP).

Exodus Intelligence specializes in the discovery of unique 0-Day vulnerability research on Enterprise software and hardware. Exodus Intelligence distinguishes itself from other cybersecurity intelligence providers by developing exploits that prove the vulnerability exploitable, thus demonstrating the threat is critical. Exodus Intelligence offers its 0-Day and N-Day intelligence on a subscription basis through its secure customer portal.

“We are pleased to be providing NSS Labs with our own unique research to enhance testing that helps organizations determine the efficacy of solutions across their enterprises,” said Joel Bagnal, Vice President of Strategic Development for Exodus Intelligence.

“Utilizing exploit data from Exodus Intelligence to enhance our existing product testing capabilities is a great addition to our test harness, and furthers our ability to evaluate security vendors across a more dynamic and versatile attack surface,” said Jason Brvenik, Chief Technology Officer for NSS Labs.