Authors: NSS Labs

Publish Date: October 9, 2019

Cybercriminals are becoming ever more adept at technical and social engineering, and contemporary threat actors are capable of carrying out sophisticated attacks that consistently breach modern network defenses. Oftentimes, these breaches lead to end user systems being infected and subsequently used as a stage for further compromise.

Strong anti-threat protection technologies on the endpoint provide the best opportunity enterprises have today to defeat many of these incursions. However, some endpoint security products are challenged to stop even the least capable of the advanced threats that threaten the enterprise, let alone the truly determined advanced persistent threat.

In order to provide coverage for gaps in protection and detection, the effective endpoint security product must offer comprehensive monitoring and threat visibility. Identification of metadata and incursion telemetry can often mean the difference between the threat continuing to attack until it succeeds and permanently stopping it—a critical identified need from enterprise consumers.

Today’s enterprise requires both superior protection, detection and robust, pervasive threat monitoring capabilities in its security posture. This is the purview of advanced endpoint protection.