Authors: Vikram Phatak

Publish Date: August 2, 2019


Vikram Phatak, our founder, wrote the “CISO’s Guide to the Importance of Testing Security Devices.” In it, he walks you through the necessity of having a testing plan that allows for either in-house testing or independent, third party testing, to ensure the security of your organization.

CISOs are in a unique position to protect your organization’s information assets and technologies. The decisions you make have a real impact on your company’s security, brand, and overall well-being. How do you know if the cyber products you’ve chosen to deploy are truly effective?

Vendors make many claims about the effectiveness of their products, but accepting these claims can lead to selecting products that fail to protect against threats, wasting resources and causing serious performance problems for enterprise networks. And those weaknesses in coverage can remain undiscovered for a long time—until a network breach occurs, for example.

Because each enterprise environment is unique, vendors are unable to fully test their products in an environment that mimics the conditions of your network.  This means you can’t take vendors’ claims at face value—their internal testing of their products can only go so far.