Authors: Jason Pappalexis

Publish Date: March 4, 2019

Advanced endpoint protection (AEP) products build on earlier endpoint security technologies, which were often limited to signature-based detection techniques and basic alert information, by combining continuous threat monitoring and protection from anomalous activity with access to forensic threat details.

This evolution has enabled products to respond to the growing complexity of IT security architectures, an increasingly mobile workforce that utilizes public-cloud IaaS platforms and the proliferation of advanced threats—offered through services (e.g., zero-day, DDoS, ransomware) or exploit kits.

An endpoint security product’s proximity to data, users, and their activities as well as its capability to determine a threat’s source, trajectory, and impact make it highly valuable within the IT security architecture.

This report provides insight into an AEP product’s capability to protect against threats as well as its features in use, management and deployment, capacity planning, purchase considerations, and cost.