Authors: Devon James, Keith Bormann and Julian Owusu-Abrokwa

Publish Date: September 17, 2019

This document provides test results for the Forcepoint NGFW 2105 v6.3.10 Dynamic Update Package 1164.

During the NSS Labs 2019 Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) Group Test, the Forcepoint 2105 NGFW 6.3.11[1] with Dynamic Update 1142 failed to detect two evasions. This affected its placement in NSS’ 2019 NGFW Security Value Map (SVM)™.

After working closely with NSS, Forcepoint updated its detection into Dynamic Update 1164. The updated device was subjected to testing under the same NGFW Test Methodology (v9.0) and appropriately handled all of the 406 evasions it was tested against. Furthermore, the NGFW 2105 improved its exploit block rate by 2.45%.

[1] The documentation submitted for the product originally tested erroneously listed the version number as 6.3.11.