As any enterprise research manager or IT buyer will attest, finding the right information – and at the right time – is difficult at best. Oftentimes, multiple sources are used to answer one particular question – and then additional tools must still be used to validate those initial sources. Market share data, product comparisons, product roadmap implications, and insights into vendor strategy are separate services, and enterprises must sign up for these different services and then aggregate the data themselves, which can be a formidable task.

What if enterprises could subscribe to a service that bundled all of this information into one single product offering? What if this was all decision makers needed to answer questions such as:

  • Which vendors have solutions that suit a broad range of deployment needs?
  • Which products are category leaders?
  • Is a vendor’s software feature set consistent across platforms?
  • What are the technology and security implications if I sign off on a 3-to-5 year recommendation for a particular device?
  • Which product is the most/least secure in its category? Which product is the most/least expensive? What else should I be considering before I make a decision?

Combining decades of market analysis experience, the NSS Labs research team has built a product that answers these questions and more. Our company intelligence and product intelligence tools will be refreshed every six months to reflect the most current market findings and competitor dynamics. Market surveys and market share data will be assessed and rolled up into an annual report, and starting January 2015, quarterly reports will begin for key segments.

Security market research has always been challenging, but NSS just made it much more manageable.