Secure Web Gateway

Secure Web Gateway


Secure web gateways (SWGs) are designed to detect and block attacks that target vulnerable systems and applications by monitoring web traffic for malicious content. SWGs protect web surfing devices by filtering unwanted software/malware from user-initiated web traffic. They also enforce regulatory compliance and company human resource policies that restrict access to prohibited sites; for example, gambling sites and sites with adult content. At a minimum, an SWG should include URL filtering (e.g., web reputation), malicious code detection and filtering, and application controls for popular web-based applications, such as instant messaging (IM) and Skype, and the ability to inspect SSL/TLS traffic. Increasingly, native or integrated data loss prevention is also included.


  • Cisco S680 v8.0.8-113
  • Intel Security McAfee Web Gateway 5500C Appliance v7.5
  • Trend Micro IWSVA v6.5
  • Trustwave Secure Web Gateway SWG TS500 v11.6.0.28

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