Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP)

Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP)


An AEP product is one that provides automatic threat prevention and threat event reporting capabilities for every endpoint system it protects. These products are the current evolution of endpoint security technology, combining endpoint protection products (EPP) with endpoint detection and response (EDR) technology in order to provide detection, blocking, and forensic insight.

With the large number of products in the space, it is challenging for enterprises to understand true differentiation. To address cyber risks in mature products and considerations most critical to consumers, a new ratings system was introduced for the 2020 Advanced Endpoint Protection (AEP) Test. Product ratings range from ‘AAA’ – ‘D.’

A product rating is a forecast, an educated opinion about a product’s capacity to meet its obligations to consumers over time.  Product ratings inform consumers—enhancing transparency and enabling them to focus on considerations that are most critical to their organizations.

Subscribers can now view a Comparative Ratings Report on how this group of products handled malware, exploits, handcrafted attacks and more.  As a service to the community, we are also providing an overview of the Ratings Actions for free (see below).