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Four of the industry’s leading data center deep inspection firewall products were tested to compare product capabilities for security effectiveness (exploit block rate, evasion techniques, and stability & reliability), total cost of ownership (TCO), and performance: 

  • Cisco FirePOWER 4110 v6.4.0.4
  • Fortinet FortiGate 6300F V6.0.4 build8262 (GA)
  • Juniper Networks SRX5400 JUNOS 18.2X30.1 Kernel 64-bit JNPR-11.0-20190316.df99236
  • Palo Alto Networks PA-5250 9.0.3-h2

Security Value Map

Empirical data from individual Test Reports and Comparative Reports is used to create NSS Labs’ unique Security Value Map (SVM). The SVM illustrates the relative value of security investments by mapping Security Effectiveness against Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) per Protected Mbps for tested product configurations.

Security Value Map Comparative Report

The Security Value Map (SVM) Comparative Report provides an aggregated view of the detailed findings from the NSS Labs group tests. Enterprise security decision makers can use the report to determine the relative value of security investments.

Test Reports

Test Reports provide detailed analysis on each product tested. They help enterprise security teams understand a product’s features as well as its limitations and can be used to shortlist products for further evaluation and proof-of concept testing. Data from these reports is used in the NSS Labs Comparative Reports.

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